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Mountain Biking

The Val D’Aran offers over 400km of well-marked bike trails, for all levels and age of rider.

This area of the Pyrenees offers a fantastic variety of challenges and incredible scenery. You can plan your holiday from one particular base or just like the hiking routes, travel from one overnight stop to the next.

We use a well established rental shop for bike hire (prices start at €26 per day for adult bikes.)

We offer discounted rates with our own staff for mountain-biking and can also take you on excursions in our minibus. Rates start at €80 for half a day and trips are sold on a first come/first served basis. We can also arrange services with many of the local guides and companies, starting at €15 per day.

There are numerous day routes that can be enjoyed, but a number of more lengthy routes are also promoted in the local area. These include the
the ‘Era Roda’, the ‘Pedals de Foc’, and ‘Pedals d’Occitania’. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in cycling these routes.